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Trick or Treat: What’s New in Paid Social?

By Keypath Digital Media
Paid social advertising for higher education

We’ve given you the tricks for effective higher education marketing in the digital age. Now we have some treats from our recently updated Paid Social Success Kit. The digital landscape is constantly changing, and social media is no exception.

What’s next in paid social?

  • Continued heavy adoption of Facebook lead ads and video ads.
  • Heightened focus on mobile experience through targeting, ad formats, usability.
  • More advertisers shifting image ad dollars to video ads.
  • Facebook review tool.
  • Increased competition in LinkedIn.
  • Political year will impact the social landscape.
  • Growing targeting and placement opportunities, esp. for Pinterest. 

Facebook has been particularly busy. Here’s a digest of the updates that affect social advertising efforts and higher education in particular.

Facebook is releasing a new ad product that drives an ad click to Facebook messenger.

When a user clicks on your ad in the News Feed, a message thread with your business will open in the Messenger app (if on mobile) or in the Facebook web page (if on desktop).

Facebook is beta testing dynamic ads for retail.

Leverage your local product catalog, inventory feed and locations to generate ads that showcase accurate pricing and availability. For now, these are likely not a fit for higher education institutions, but colleges that offer set prices for programs may benefit from a test. 

Facebook will ramp up testing ads within groups.

In the next quarter, we expect Facebook to begin placing News Feed ads in user-created groups, such as buy/sell/trade pages that have become popular in Facebook.

Facebook created ads to promote store visits.

While likely less relevant for colleges compared to brick-and-mortar stores, Facebook now offers ads that promote visits to nearby locations. This could, however, be a good fit for campuses that easily enroll students after campus visits.

In other news, Snapchat eliminated its video autoplay feature. Although this initially negatively affected advertiser’s efforts, it is said to improve user experience overall. And, Instagram may be testing live video.

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